Youth Program

Street Rod Foundation – High School Automotive Youth Program


Who Can Participate?

Our Automotive Youth Program is an after school class intended for high school students in grades 11-12, up to 18 years old.

How Do Students Benefit?

Students participating in what we call our intro automotive programs will start learning many basic skills as they progress through high school. We will align their classes in a way that will eventually prepare them to acquire ASE certification in many areas by the end of high school, which will give them many possible employment opportunities.

The Street Rod Foundation is not just about automotive skills. We have and always will continue to instill in our students to inherit the whole package: good life skills that are so needed to be successful throughout life. At the Street Rod Foundation, we like to think of it as teaching our students to be able to work, play, and get along with everyone in the sand box, to be a team leader when needed (and just as importantly, how to be a good team member), and to contribute back to the community they live and work in. We feel all these skills must be included in the whole educational process.


What Are the Requirements?

While there is no cost to high school students to participate, they will be required to maintain a certain grade point at their high school to participate in our program, and they will also have to donate a portion of their time back to our foundation and/or the community.

Class Schedule

Coming Soon!

How Do I Enroll in the Youth Program?

For information on becoming a student in our Youth Program, please fill out the information below.

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  • Skills/Expertise

    Please list any skills or experience you have that you feel is related to the program.
  • Statement of Purpose

    Tell us why you want to participate in the program, what you expect to get out of the program, and what you feel you bring to the automotive community. Please include how you hope to use your training when you complete the program.