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January 2014

The Street Rod Foundation would like to welcome Daisie Fairlane as a new member to our foundation. Daisie will be our Promotional Advisor, Spokesmodel, and Branding Ambassador.


Obviously, as you can see Daisie is very beautiful and charming, but there is so much more about Daisie that makes her so awesome and a great fit for our team. As I have come to know her better over the last year I have found that she is very knowledgeable about our industry and has many other skills. I have had a chance to get to know the other side of Daisie also – the side that makes her who she really is from the inside. She is caring, kind, considerate, has patience, and the willingness to help others.

We thank Daisie for coming on board and we are excited to share a long lasting relationship with her and our foundation.

Bob DiBlase


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