Our Mission

Street Rod Foundation – Our Mission, Purpose & Ethics


Street Rod Foundation Mission Statement

Street Rod Foundation will create and utilize innovative educational opportunities that will prepare our students for the future.

Street Rod Foundation History

The Street Rod Foundation was created to fulfill a dream – to capture America’s historical love of the automobile and use that love as a ‘vehicle’ to develop learning skills that are applied in their future careers and skills that are used in life.

The beginnings of our foundation first started by going to colleges to help start up a Hot Rod Program. We then moved on to a small shop in a Pole Barn and started working with our local youth as well as a few students from the college we started at. We completed our first custom car called “Educator One” and took Fourth Place in the Altered Street Roadster class at the Detroit Autorama car show in 2010. Our goal to meet the growing need for quality automotive education has remained constant throughout the existence of Street Rod Foundation.

Street Rod Foundation Core Purpose, Values & Ethics

Core Purpose:

Inspire Quality Live Skills Through Advanced Educational Automotive Technology

Values & Ethics

We have stayed fast building our Core Values & Ethics of providing education for all through honesty, dependability, integrity, and openness. It’s these core values and ethics that have gained the respect from our stakeholders, who we consider to be our students, sponsors, contributors, Board of Directors, Advisory Board, our community, and our industry.

Provide Educational Opportunity for All Through:

Honesty – We will work in close communication with our stakeholders at all times.

Dependability – We will do what we say and say what we do.

Integrity – We will ‘take the high road’ on all matters as they pertain to ethics. When in doubt, we will err on the side of being too ethical.